Some additional helpful tips:

Make it a personal rule not to charge disposable items on your credit cards. Purchases such as food, gasoline and even other debts should be paid for with cash as the purchase is long gone by the time you receive your bill. Who wants to finance a gallon of milk for seven months?

Avoid cards that charge interest from the date of purchase with no grace period as well as cards that charge interest immediately on a cash advance, plus charge a fee for each cash advance.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION - Do not begin this course until you have filed your case with the Court and have a case number!



Completion of Course:

By continuing below you will begin our "Online Financial Education Course." You will be prompted to pay for the course at PayPal and return to CFEFA where you will view a video. The video consists of six segments and at the end of each segment is a series of codes that you will write down on the "Code Certification" sheet.  This sheet certifies to us that you viewed the entire  presentation. Also is included a short test that you must complete and submit. You cannot fast forward the video, but you may pause it briefly to take a break. The video is approximately two and one half hours long. Pausing too long will take you back to the beginning of the video. When you have completed the code sheet and test and submitted to us, you will be sent a certificate of your completion of this course within three (3) business days by email, and a copy will be sent to your attorney if you provide his/her email address. An evaluation is also provided that we request that you complete and send to us as well, but is not necessary to obtain your certificate of completion. If you have any questions about the information contained in the presentation, please email us at

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Do not begin this course until after you have filed Bankruptcy and have a case number!


Post-Bankruptcy Education